Paying For A Regular Car Maintenance Service Will Save You Money Down The Road

f you haven’t heard, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That applies to car repair as well. You might be able to save hundreds in medical bills, just by eating healthier and exercising regularly. In the same way, you can likely save hundreds in potential auto repair bills down the road by spending a few bucks each month on car maintenance service. At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we all too often see repairs that were likely caused by a failure to keep up with regular maintenance and just provide a little TLC to a vehicle.

Something as simple as an oil change may just cost you a few bucks, but neglecting to change your oil when it is needed and running your vehicle with old oil, or with too little oil can seriously put a lot of stress on your engine. The results, as you may have guessed, are that you could be looking at a three figure (or more) auto repair bill in the near future. And just because you forgot to get that oil change done when your vehicle needed it. Trust us, those little stickers that we put up in your windshield are not just to get you back in here to make us more money as soon as possible, they are to make sure that your car stays running its best.

Keep an older vehicle running like new with regular car maintenance service. (photo by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ via Flickr)

When a lot of people think of car maintenance they think of oil changes, but there is a lot more to regular car maintenance service than just changing the oil. Tire rotations, wheel alignments, electrical diagnostics, radiator and A/C tune-ups. All this and more goes into making sure that your vehicle is running its best year in and year out.

If you have an older vehicle, it is even more important to make sure that you take care of all the little things with a car maintenance service. You might also consider getting a high-mileage oil variant put in at your next oil change. It may cost a bit more, but its a lot cheaper than buying a new vehicle a few years earlier. Make sure that you get the most out of your car, by being diligent with regular maintenance and reduce the likelihood of an expensive auto repair the next time you stop by the auto shop.