Prepare Your Car For Winter

The Importance Of Winterizing Your Vehicle

The cold months of winter are quickly approaching, and as you begin to think about the coming weather conditions, you should also be thinking about how those conditions can affect your car. Because of the harsh conditions winter brings, it’s important to make sure your car is safe and runs properly. Preparing your car for winter is the best way to keep your vehicle safe and efficient. Here are some of the most important tips from our mechanic in Fort Collins.

Tips For Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter

A couple of elements you’ll face during winter are snow and ice. It can be scary to drive in icy conditions, but there are things you can do to make your vehicle safer for driving in snow.

Install New Wiper Blades

Getting new wiper blades for your windshield is a great way to ensure visibility even in the snowiest of conditions. Make sure to get wiper blades that prevent ice build up, talk to your mechanic about which brand is the best choice.

Install All Weather Or Snow Tires

One of the worst things about driving during the winter is snowy and icy roads. With snow tires or all-weather tires, you can make it easier and safe to get through the snow.

Check Your Battery

During cold weather, engines aren’t as functional. It’s harder for them to start up, and the same is said about your battery. Before the winter months arrive, get your vehicle into an auto repair shop for an inspection of your battery, cables, spark plugs and terminals to ensure that your vehicle will turn on every time.

Check All Fluids

It’s always important to check your fluids, but it’s especially important to make sure your fluids are right before winter. Check your oil, your coolant, and your wiper fluid to make sure you’re ready for winter.

Pack An Emergency Kit

Just because cold weather hits, doesn’t mean you need to cancel your travel plans. However, it’s important to make sure you’re ready for any problem that arises with an emergency kit. Make sure it’s stocked with first-aid items, water, a flashlight, blankets, reflectors, a blanket, kitty litter, an ice scraper and brush, snacks and a small shovel. Having these tools and items could end up saving your life.

Getting your vehicle prepared for winter is as easy as getting your car scheduled for an auto inspection with your local auto repair shop. If you’re looking to get your car ready for the winter months, then don’t hesitate to call us at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service today!