Quick Child Safety Car Tips

Have you ever noticed how many “Baby On Board!” stickers there are on cars these days? That’s largely because parents often worry about road safety when transporting a child of any age. It’s one thing to drive yourself around, but it’s another thing to make sure that any child you are driving with is safe too. Following traffic laws and speed limits helps, but it’s also important that you pay attention to various laws regarding the transportation of children.

Actually, those “Baby On Board!” stickers were originally designed to warn other drivers. If you drive with a baby, you drive a little bit slower and a little more cautious. If you following that person, you would then know they were driving with a baby and not just trying to get on your nerves.

If you aren’t sure what the basic child safety tips are when it comes to driving, here’s some help.

0-2 Year of Age: Children that are younger than the age of two do not have strong neck support. This is why it is highly recommended that children younger than the age of two are placed in rear-facing child seats when riding in a car. You should check the weight allowance of a car seat when trying to figure out if a child is too old to ride in the seat that you have. If your child is too heavy for the seat you currently have, place your child in a new seat with a different weight allowance.

Toddlers: It is recommended that children use a forward-facing car seat until they reach the weight of 40 pounds — at minimum. Some car seats can hold children that are more than 40 pounds.

Pre-school to 8 Years Old: Even kids that are in pre-school should be in car seats at all times. It is recommended that children of this age use a booster seat until they reach 80 pounds and are less than five feet tall.

Older than 8: Children that are older than 8 years old should be sitting in a car properly. Past the age of 8, if a child can sit comfortably in a car (with her back against the seat and her legs properly hanging), seat belts should be adjusted to fit that child’s height and weight. This includes adjusting the neck portion of the seat belt in addition to adjusting the lap belt.

Riding In The Front Seat

Kids that are older than 8 years old may want to ride in the passenger seat, but it’s still advisable that these kids ride in the back seat. Why? Because a lot more damage can happen when a child is in the front seat of a car and involved in a car accident. Wait until your child is at least ten years of age to let her ride in the front seat — it’s simply safer!

Basic Car Safety

It can expensive to make certain car repairs, which is why many people wait to make necessary repairs. But, driving around with kids in an unsafe car is simply dangerous. When it comes to auto repair in Fort Collins, it’s understandable that you want to get the best deal on any necessary car repairs, and we want to make sure that your children are safe wherever you decide to drive. At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we will make sure that your car is in top shape, and that you walk away with the best price on parts and service. When it comes to car repair in Fort Collins, we know how to keep your vehicle running smoothly and quickly, so that you can get your kids where they need to go without a problem.

Call your local auto shop to book an appointment or to speak with one of our auto experts. Meanwhile, make sure that your kids are in the right seat, and that seat belts are properly adjusted — it could make a life-saving difference!