Rabbits Sabotaging Cars At DIA

This is probably one of the strangest stories that I have read in quite a while, but CBS4 Denver is reporting that travellers who are parking at the Denver International Airport are returning from their trips to find that their cars have been…eaten? Yes, it appears that is exactly what is happening. Local rabbits have apparently taken a liking to some of the rubber hosing, wiring and other vulnerable components in the cars (or perhaps they are just fighting back against the encroachment on their territory that the airport represents). These incidents have caused a few individuals to have to pay for costly repairs at their local auto shop.

Several car owners have had to take their vehicles into the auto shop for car repair after the local omnivores ate through rubber hoses and wires and destroyed other components. Technicians and disturbed car owners have found out the hard way that the tiny creatures can very easily wreak hundreds of dollars of damage on vulnerable components. One car owner, named Ken Blum told CBS4, “When I had the trouble with the oil light coming on, the dealer told me the wires that controlled the air conditioning were chewed.” The owner was not amused that he had to shell out money for a car repair thanks to what are supposed to be our furry little friends. But, apparently the rabbits have transitioned from plant-eating herbivores into omnivores that will eat just about anything.

He may look cuddly, but he's secretly plotting to destroy your car, while you're on vacation. (photo by Mostly Dans via Flickr)

The damage to Blum’s car was estimated at $700, a pretty hefty sum and an impressive sabotage by the rabbit population. To make matters worse, Blum had to pay for the whole thing out of his own pocket, his insurance didn’t cover the damage and (perhaps not surprisingly) neither did the manufacturer’s warranty. Apparently, the issue is not new either. It appears that the hairy mammals have been waging war on parked cars at DIA since 1999 (for comparison, that’s longer than America has been engaged in our current war in Afghanistan–which is the longest war in our country’s history).

But despite their perseverance, the rabbits’ guerilla warfare tactics apparently don’t warrant any change, according to airport officials. Although a few individuals have had to cough up cash for some expensive car repair services at the auto shop, airport officials say that only a very small percentage of individuals who park overnight at the airport complain of problems. It is possible, however, that some of the issues don’t manifest themselves until later when they cannot as easily be connected to airport rabbit sabotage.

So, next time you fly out of DIA it might be best to take a shuttle or get a friend or family member to drop you off, lest your car’s wiring fall prey to the wrath of the bunnies and you end up having to shell out some big bucks at your local auto shop.