Silver’s Long Reign As Most Popular Car Color Comes To An End

When it comes to accurately performing an auto repair, there is perhaps no more important question than the color of the vehicle’s paint job. Actually, that’s incorrect. Color has (almost) nothing to do with performing foreign car service on your car. But, it is still an interesting topic to discuss. And today we have some big news. White is the new silver.

That’s right, silver–long America’s most popular color for cars–has been upended by white. Silver reigned in America for over a decade, but it seems that Americans have now decided that it was far too flashy and have begun to opt for white instead. That’s despite the fact that white paint makes the car appear dirtier much quicker and more easily shows every dent and scratch.

At your local auto shop, Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we don’t pretend to understand why people pick a certain of color for their vehicle. We just chalk it up to personal preference, random coincidence and a dash of divine intervention.

It actually appears that the dominance of white cars is apparent all over Europe, North America and Asia, with South America the only remaining holdout for silver. But, if you’re as sick of the monotonous colorless tones that currently dominate the roadways, Fort Collins Foreign Car Service has a bit of good news to bring you.

White may be dominant as a car color, but automakers are sympathetic to the lack of good vehicle paint jobs available from the manufacturer. To that end, they are drawing up new models and colors from dark grey to chocolate to sea foam and dark olive. Yes, these aren’t exactly the flashiest, but the neon yellow vehicles just don’t seem to sell quite as well. Which is actually a shame because they are really good at increasing your visibility.

At your local auto shop, we don’t judge you by the color of your vehicle or even by the content of your engine block. We’re just here to make your car problems go away and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. So, next time you need some regular maintenance or a car repair, give us a call at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service. We promise you won’t regret it.