Standouts At The NAAS

If there’s one thing an auto show brings, it’s interesting concept cars. It’s always exciting to see what manufacturers plan to showcase, some cars seeming too futuristic to ever sit in Fort Collins automotive lots! But, hey, there’s an audience for every product, right? Well, that’s what some manufacturers would like to think anyway!

This year was no different, with each manufacturer claiming cars like those being showcased would be ready for the road in the next few years (really? We can’t wait!). Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – there are some amazing ideas in the works! Here are some highlights from the show that you might see cruising the roadways sooner than you think.

Mercedes F015

This is the luxury vehicle that stole the show with its aerodynamic design that looks like it came straight from the Jetsons. This car will drive itself, and as such, features wood floors and seats that swivel to face the rear seats. It’s like the ultimate hangout that is driving you and coworkers to work! It hasn’t been decided whether or not the car will be powered by fuel cell or electric motor. If you need more hours in the day, why not let your Mercedes do the driving? That’s the idea behind the F015, at least!

Chevy Bolt

This electric car is giving Tesla a run for its money – it offers drivers a 200 mile range for about $30,000. It can park itself, and is composed of lightweight materials like carbon fiber and aluminum. One handy feature you’ll appreciate – you’ll be able to use your smartphone to unlock the Bolt! No more worrying about locking your keys in your car, just don’t forget your phone! It’s tentatively scheduled to be released in 2017.

Honda FCV

FCV stands for Fuel Cell Vehicle, and runs on hydrogen fuel. Honda hopes to have this being produced by next year, offering drivers 300 miles on just one tank of fuel. The hangup: when was the last time you saw a hydrogen refueling station? Honda is investing heavily into building stations, currently in California. That means that until stations are put up in other states, California will be the only state the FCV will be released.

Toyota FV2

Want a car that really gets to know you? Check out the Toyota FV2. Don’t expect to find this as an import auto at Fort Collins dealerships anytime soon – Toyota expects to spend another 5-10 years developing it. It’s probably the craziest concept car featured at the show. Toyota compares this machine to a horse, stating it gets to know the unique driving habits of the person behind the wheel. Except there is no wheel, either – you steer the car by shifting your body weight. This is one concept car that seems far too futuristic to become reality – will they be able to overcome the safety issues this car brings to the table? It will be interesting to see how this car unfolds!

Toyota I-Road

Toyota was just all about the “how-the-heck-can-that-thing-be-real” cars this year. Another car that will not be offered at your local auto shop in the near future is the i-Road. Part scooter and part car, this three-wheeled concept is really just for those zipping about town and those with a very short commute. The 2kW electric motors and batteries will only give you about 30 miles before you need to charge it again.

The interesting thing with this car is its scooter-like steering, except it’s a bit different. When you turn with a scooter or motorbike, you lean into turns. This car works in the same way, except it controls the lean itself according to the angle of the steering wheel, the speed of the vehicle, and information provided by the gyro sensor. The best part is you can travel in comfort – it’s enclosed, unlike your typical scooter, and features heating and a stereo.

Which one is your favorite? Can you see yourself driving any of these cars in the future — or letting any of these cars drive you? Connect with us here or on Facebook. And, make sure to bring your car into our shop if you have any problems or issues — we’ll fix it quickly and affordably!