The Foreign Car Routine Maintenance Myth

A lot of people shy away from foreign cars based on the assumption that these cars are more expensive to maintain. This is not the case in most instances, and, in fact, some foreign cars are less expensive to maintain that their domestic counterparts. How can this be the truth? Here’s a closer look at why buying a foreign car may actually cost less in the long run.

Free Maintenance Options

A lot of luxury car brands (BMW, Mercedes, etc) offer free maintenance for a number of months after the purchase of a car. For a lot of these manufacturers, taking care of cars that people buy by offering things like free oil changes, small auto body repairs, and other maintenance items means that people buying these cars will enjoy the experience longer. In fact, this practice has become so popular with luxury brand drivers that some domestic car manufacturers have started to offer the same types of deals.

If you purchase a Camry or Corolla, you can opt for the scheduled maintenance after two years or 25,000 miles (whichever comes first). This maintenance plan is free, and it will save you a ton of money in the long run. Toyota has taken this idea from luxury car manufacturers that offer the same deals on higher end brands. So this is something to seriously consider when it comes to purchasing your next car.

The Price Of Repair

Did you know that according to a recent poll the Ford F1-50 had higher maintenance costs than any other brand? Ford is a domestic brand, but the costs of repairing a Ford truck are definitely not cheaper than the cost of repairing a foreign model. Of course, it all depends on what foreign model you purchase (Land Rover tends to have a lot more expensive maintenance), but doing your homework where repairs and maintenance are concerned will benefit you greatly. Don’t simply assume that foreign cars are more expensive to repair because this simply isn’t the case.

Faster Repair Warnings

Another problem that people purchasing domestic models face is that needed repairs often go unnoticed for a long time. Unless an oil light turns on or a tire pops, knowing whether or not a car needs maintenance can be hard to determine. This means that you may drive you car for a long time not knowing that some drastic repairs have to be done. Why does this matter? The more that you run a car in need of repair, the worse those repairs become.

Most foreign luxury brands have sensitive maintenance computer systems. Whenever there’s a problem large or small, a light will pop up on most car dashboards indicating that there’s something wrong with the car. Whether it’s in need of an oil change or whether there’s something wrong with the engine, you won’t be able to drive too far without being warned that your car needs to be repaired quickly. Needless to say, bringing your car to the shop right away will prevent any further damage, and this will keep your car running smoother for longer.

The Real Facts

As you can see, domestic car maintenance is not necessarily cheaper than foreign car maintenance, but it’s a tale that most people like to tell. What’s our advice on buying a car? Do your research, find out the facts, and don’t assume that the brand made locally is better or cheaper. If you do need a reliable and cost-effective car mechanic, make sure to call Fort Collins Foreign Car Service today for more information and to book an appointment.

We service both foreign and domestic cars, so keep that in mind when you are looking for a reliable mechanic!