The New 330-HP VW Golf

Golf owners tend to be proud of their cars, and rightly so – Golfs are fun to drive. But VW just came out with a new Golf that we’re betting you’re going to love even more than the one you have now. The new 330-HP VW Golf race car concept looks like a Golf, but has a lot more packed under the hood.

Under The Hood

VW calls this car a “heavily modified” Golf. So it has all the styling of a Golf that you’ve grown to love, but it comes with some fun adjustments. First of all, this car is front-wheel drive to give you that real race car feel. You’ll also get a turbocharged 2.0-liter 330 horsepower engine, a chassis that is 40 cm wider (more than 15-inches), and a six-speed DSG dual-clutch that’s automatic. Tire-wise, you’re looking at massively wide 18-inches (hence the larger chassis).

On The Inside

What would you want a race car to look like? Like a race car, right? Well, that’s exactly what VW has dropped into the newest Golf. The minute you look inside the car, you will realize that you are driving a race car, even if you didn’t get that from the modest look of the outside of this car. A racing seat equipped with a harness, a complete safety cage, and a seriously minimalist approach when it comes to plastic, carpet, and all of those other things that manufacturers cram into regular cars these days.

If you’re looking for a comfortable car that has a nice interior, this isn’t it. If you want a true-blue race car, VW has really outdone itself with the newest Golf interior. Just don’t expect anything extravagant, this is a race car after all. So now that you’re drooling over the possibility of a new Golf sports car, where can you buy one or at least test one out?

Where To Get It

Sorry, folks, this is a concept car for now, though it is really looking like it’s ready to be sent to market. VW will have to make a few adjustments in order to sell the new Golf as anything other than a sports car, though. If you did just want to run it on a track, you might be able to find out where you can do that nearby, but it will be a while before that can happen either. The look of this car is exceptional, the interior is just what it should be, and what’s under the hood is perfect when it comes to a sports car you’d want to drive.

While you can’t actually buy the new VW option right now, you can check out some of VW’s other Golf options. Golf drivers love their cars because they do drive exceptionally well. Even so, you’ll have to make sure that the car you buy is maintained properly. Even the best sports cars break down without a good pit crew. So no matter what kind of car you have (foreign or domestic) make sure to bring it to a garage that’s owned by people that really love cars – like Fort Collins Foreign Car Service.

Our Car Repair Services

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