The Psychology Of A Procrastinator

What is it that goes through the mind of a procrastinator when they are deciding to put off something that needs to be done? Why is it that so many of us procrastinate at one time or another, even when the consequences can become severe in many instances? For those of us, who have fallen victim to this psychology, what can we do to snap out of it?

Those are some big questions and they can’t be answered in a single blog post (psychologists have been trying to answer them for decades). But, we can look at one of the effects of procrastination as it relates to car repair and import car service. That is, of course, putting off regular maintenance or taking your car into the auto shop. Many of us have done it, so the question is: why? Usually, it’s as simple as the desire to avoid consequences or undesirable actions as long as possible. In the case of the auto repair, it is being afraid of what could be wrong or how much it could cost us.

But, the biggest catch-22 of this procrastination is that, in putting off these things, we make it more likely that the consequences will be more severe. For instance, say you have a foreign car that needs an oil change. If you neglect to get this simple maintenance service done on time then you could be facing much bigger issues when you do finally get around to bringing your vehicle in for import car service. You might even be in for a breakdown, which is quite a bit more hassle (and expense) than you would have faced if you just would have heeded that little yellow light.

So, the psychology of a procrastinator is really as simple as: ‘This could be bad, so I don’t want to deal with it now.’ Only problem is that in putting off the inevitable, such as that visit to the auto shop for some routine maintenance, you are actually increasing the chances that you will have greater consequences and more problems or expenses down the line. So, what’s the moral of the story? Kick your procrastinating self in the butt. Get that maintenance done. Don’t put off that repair. Come on in to our auto shop at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service if you need some work done! We do import car service, domestic repairs and more!