Toyota Is Officially The Most Popular Car Company In The World

You may think that this title belongs to Mazda, since there are so many of those cars on the road lately, but, no, once again, Toyota has claimed the prize for the most popular car company in the world. In fact, Toyota has been the most popular car company in the world for the past three years. What gives?

Why We Love Toyotas

Most consumers are creatures of habit, and it’s said that once you buy a Toyota, you won’t want to buy anything else. Essentially, those people that purchase Toyotas (mostly Camrys and Scions) tend to buy the same make of car the next year, or when that lease runs out. Just how many cars do you need to sell to be crowned the world’s most popular car company? In 2014, Toyota sold 10.23 million cars — Lexus and Scion models were the most popular, but Camry came in a close third.

After Toyota, the companies that sold the most cars were Volkswagen (10.14 million sold), and General Motors (with 9.92 million sold). It’s interesting to note that most car magazines do not prize the Camry over other sedans, and this car is usually noted as being lacklustre. Yet, people love their Camry’s, and the cars keep selling. Scions tend to sell because they cater to a different and younger group, which is exactly what Toyota had in mind when the company created the sportier car. So, it appears that many younger drivers still love the Scion.

A Good Solid Car Company

Toyotas don’t shock or surprise, but that might be exactly what people love about this car company. It’s hard to find many other cars that are as reliable and dependable as the Toyota. There’s also the Lexus brand name to consider, since Lexus’ are quite popular as well (Toyota’s higher end model). As far as luxury cars go, Lexus is often the most affordable of the bunch while still offering luxury details.

If you don’t drive a Toyota, you may be hard-pressed to understand the popularity of these cars, but there’s a lot to be said about a car brand that people trust. Over the years, Toyota’s haven’t been in the press much for anything overly negative, and cars like the Camry tend to last a very long time. People like Toyota because they trust the brand, and brand trust goes a very long way these days!

Getting Your Toyota Fixed

Just like any other car, Toyotas need to be repaired once in a while as well (it’s simple the nature of owning any car). When you do repair your Toyota, it’s important to bring it to a repair shop that you can trust. How do you know if you can trust a garage to handle your car properly while also providing you with the best possible prices on parts and repair? We suggest looking at a company’s reputation. If past customers aren’t happy, you may want to avoid that company altogether. On the flip side, when a company has received stellar compliments and reviews from consumers, you can trust that garage has done more than a few things correctly. This is where Fort Collins Foreign Car Service comes in — we are a garage that you can trust to handle your Toyota (or any other car) properly.

We will also provide you with the best prices without any hidden costs or other secret details. We know that you love your Toyota, and we understand the importance of having a car that works and is safe to drive. We’d like you to bring your Toyota into us today for service and repairs, and see what a difference a reputable company with years of experience can make.

We Want To Know More

When it comes to auto repair in Fort Collins, we’re here for you. We also want to know what you think about Toyota’s title — is this the car company that you trust the most? Do you own a Toyota that you love? Which model? Leave us a note on this blog, and let us know what you think of Toyota!

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