When To Replace Or Trade In Your Car

Most classic cars are generally always worth repairing. They are rare, and they retain their value. Then there is the whole selection of collector cars, something I’m sure most of us don’t have an abundance of. But if you do collect cars for pleasure, investing or rehab, this article is probably not for you. Your Fort Collins auto repair shop can certainly help any proud classic car owner or collector maintain that one incredible 1967 T-Bird, or even that up and coming Tesla you purchased. If you have a vehicle that you want to keep because it is important to you, you love it, and it is worth the upkeep, by all means, continue with regular maintenance. Let your car service in Fort Collins and your favorite auto technicians keep it purring, shining, and cruising.

Most of us, however, buy our cars not as investments or as parts of a collection, but for other reasons. They are quite simply necessary conveniences in the age of the automobile. What factors should be looked at when determining if continued maintenance and repair is the best way to proceed with a vehicle we own for practical purposes, and when it’s time to sell or trade it in for something different?

Rebates And Other Incentives To Purchase Or Lease

One thing to look at first, even if you’re not necessarily eager to swap out your vehicle, are auto manufacturers rebates and incentives. If a promotion for very low financing, zero down, or other economic incentives are offered by a car dealer those alone can make purchasing a car worth it. Generous trade in offers or rebates or even solid leasing options can all be very attractive for the savvy shopper when it comes to car purchase economics.


What most of us forget to think about most of the time (except when it comes to GM) is that there are a slew of recalls available for many different makes and models of cars. Ask your Fort Collins auto repair shop if there are any recalls on your vehicle or vehicles. They will have an active list, and there are also several online resources for checking recalls. Each auto manufacturers will post recalls on their sites, as will most auto consumer web pages. It is just possible that a free car repair for something the manufacturer needs to replace or upgrade is available. Why not take advantage of it? Bring in the vehicle, and let your auto technician take care of it for free.

Does Your Car Fit Your Needs?

Lifestyle changes can often motivate us to change cars as well. What was suitable for a single woman may not work so well if she now has 2 children, a partner, and a dog. That cute little VW Bug just won’t hold everyone.

If commute time has greatly increased, it might be a good time to trade in for a car that is more economically efficient. If you’re excited about newer technologies in the automobile world, that could be incentive enough to change to an alternative fuel vehicle and trade in your current vehicle. Maybe the hybrids are your thing. Perhaps you’re a couple that has just sent your last child out into the world, and you actually want to downsize. That large SUV may not just fit your transportation needs the way it did five years ago. A smaller car, perhaps even the fun and cool two-seater you couldn’t consider because it was unobtainable for practical use when you had your family around is now a real option. You may have even gotten involved with a sport or recreational activity that would be better served by a car with the capacity to transport your gear.

Lifestyle changes can dictate car changes as often as any other factor. Sometimes you’re just sick of your car and want something different. Your financial picture may have improved and you would like to get rid of that old Honda Accord and get something newer and nicer. Or you just need a change. We swap out many of our personal items, upgrading or changing things because we want a fresh look or a different vibe. You might own a GM and you’re simply weary of all the recalls. Whatever the reason, if you just don’t like or want your current car anymore, it might be time to get a different vehicle.

If you do feel its time to change cars, get the one you’re selling ready to attract its top dollar value by giving it a maintenance service at your Fort Collins auto repair shop. A better running and freshly serviced car will be more attractive to a buyer than something that has a bad windshield and needs an oil change. And as always, your car service in Fort Collins will always be here to evaluate the mechanical soundness of any vehicle you’re considering purchasing.