Your Car Hates Your Air Conditioning Unit, But We Can Help

If you have a car that was made in the last 60 years you probably have an air conditioning system built into your car. That means that you can stay cool and comfortable even when the mercury reaches up near (and beyond) the triple-digits. That also means that it’s pretty much guaranteed that if your car could talk it would tell you that it hates your air conditioner.

That’s right, at your local auto shop, we are plainly aware of the fact that while they may help you keep cool in the summer, your car probably sees your air conditioner as an uncomfortable parasite, constantly sapping the power and vitality of its engine. In fact, if you can stomach it you can likely prolong the life of your engine by reducing (or eliminating) the use of your A/C.

As auto technicians, we get to see all kinds of cars come through our shop. And we know that the A/C unit not only needs quite a bit of maintenance, but it is known to shorten the life of an engine, reduce its power and also its fuel economy. But, if you aren’t ready to give up your cool, breezeless drives just yet we can help you out.

Just bring your car into Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, your local auto shop right here in Fort Collins, and we will make sure to have a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable auto technician take a look at it for you. In most cases, we can improve the efficiency of your engine by giving it a simple tune-up, replacing air filters, putting in new oil and a few other miscellaneous (and highly protected) tweaks.

This will help your engine whether the blow of your air conditioner more easily. And, as for the A/C itself we can get your recharge so that it doesn’t sap anymore of your engine’s power than it needs to. But, don’t delay on this. You should get your A/C recharged when the ambient temperature outside is still above 50 degrees or so. So, bring your car in to our local auto shop today so that an auto technician can help it run better and breathe easier.