Your Fort Collins Auto Shop And Car Safety

New years Eve is a world wide party night. Its a night of celebration, of dropping balls and fireworks. Many pubs and clubs do some of their best businesses on New Years Eve. Meeting friends to ring in the new year, and bid farewell to 2014 is a celebratory tradition.

Unfortunately, it is also a night whose celebrations too often result in deadly car accidents and other alcohol related tragedies. New years Eve, interestingly though, is not the deadliest holiday for drunk driving fatalities. Way ahead in front is Thanksgiving. Perhaps this is because most of us prepare for New Years Eve, and not so much for Thanksgiving. We know the wine glasses will be full, the beers making their rounds, and even a special midnight shot might be in order. When it comes to Thanksgiving, perhaps most people don’t anticipate the inebriation they may find themselves in, or the drunkenness of other drivers on the roads.

Drunk driving not only ruins lives, but a drunk driving survivor will be severely penalized by our legal system. Not only will the drunk driver have to live with the emotional and physical consequences of what they have done, they will go to jail. A drunk driving conviction means thousands of dollars in fines and court costs. You will lose your driving license. You will be in mandatory alcohol education classes that you have to pay for. It is also very likely that you will have to obtain an Ignition Interlock device. This is an instrument that prohibits you from starting your vehicle before blowing into an installed breathalyzer. And yes, you will have to pay for this as well. Then there is the dramatic increase your auto insurance will undergo. Did we mention lawyer fees? No? Well, that too. And what about your car? Your Fort Collins Automotive shop will be fixing that as well. Your auto technician would much rather repair a car thats is damaged by just about any other means than a drunk driving accident.

Your auto technician, the police officer who responds to the accident, the courts, and even your mother would all prefer you just not get in a drunk driving accident. Drunk driving accidents can be avoided. Both as a person who plans to drink, and as a non drinker, there are many things you can do to have as much fun as you want ringing in the new year, and still not get into an alcohol fueled accident.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD);

Drunk driving is an issue all year round. Every minute one person is injured from an alcohol-related crash. But because of all of the parties and socializing during the holidays, many people are indulging in drinking and the chances of being in a drunk-driving accident are higher.

Your Fort Collins automotive service, and your auto technician want to give you some reminders and tips to proactively avoid being involved in any kind of drunk driving accident on New Years Eve. We would much rather you bring in your car for some maintenance, or to repair a bad axle, than have it towed in as a result of drunk driving.

Tip Number 1: Don’t Drink And Drive.

That’s it, its that simple. We will say it again: Don’t drink and drive. Alternatives are easy and plentiful for transportation if you will be drinking on New Year’s Eve. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating, but it must be responsible. Planning ahead will help you avoid getting behind the wheel of a car when you’re already inebriated.

Tip Number 2: Safe Transportation.

  • Fort Collins Party Bus. What an outstanding way to have the time of your life, with a certified, sober, insured driver. You can cruise everywhere with your friends, even celebrate on the bus. Want to drive up to Steamboat Springs and have your party with 20 of your best friends or coworkers? Call the party bus. Not only is it safe, it is outrageously fun.
  • Use a limo service, cab company, or other driving service. Book them in advance. If you find you haven’t done this, and you’re ready to go home, most bartenders will call a cab for you. If you have good public transit, like a bus, get a schedule beforehand and plan to take the bus.
  • Walk. If you’re not too far from your destination, just walk. A little one am stroll will help clear your head anyway once the party is over.
  • Arrange for a designated driver. Your driver can either attend the festivities with you, or be on standby.

Not complicated is it? Follow these tips, and all should be fine, And we here at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service wish everyone a safe and joyful New Year Eve!