1. Tips for Taking Care of Your Most Expensive Cars

    When you’re fortunate enough to have gotten your hands on a luxury vehicle, it’s worth putting in the time and effort to care for it, especially considering the sizeable financial investment you’ve made. By their nature, luxury and high-end automobiles require a little more TLC to stay in tip-…Read More

  2. foreign car front photography

    Debunking Myths About Foreign Car Ownership

    Most car enthusiasts dream about owning a luxury foreign vehicle, but they may not be certain if it’s the right choice for them. Whether it’s a concern about budget, maintenance and upkeep, or feasibility of transportation, there are many factors to consider before pursuing foreign car ownership…Read More

  3. BMW’s New Series 7 Is Full of Tech

    BMW has always tried to put as much tech as possible into the company’s cars, but the new Series 7 really outdoes them all. This series is equipped with a ton of tech that you may love, but you might also find confusing. If you have the coin for a new Series 7, here’s what you can expect to find…Read More

  4. New Porsche Models Coming Soon

    Porsche consumers have been asking the company, in roundabout ways, for more sportier options, and Porsche may have finally delivered. The company announced this morning that a new model line would be joining the Porsche family, making it the seventh model line to be part of the company. Porsche ha…Read More

  5. 2015 Cars With the Most Residual Value

    To know the real worth of a car, you have to look at the overall residual value of that car. This can be tricky to do because those values fluctuate over time. So the key is to look at the residual value of a car that hasn’t fluctuated much. This will help you determine which cars are really a goo…Read More

  6. Aston Martin Has a New Supercar

    Aston Martin has been wanting to break into the supercar market for some time. Now, the company has created a new supercar that will be track-only, and they’re calling it the ‘Vulcan.’ The car is priced at $2.3 million, base, and it comes with more than 800 hp. Aston Martin is only going to ma…Read More

  7. Here’s the World’s Quickest Porsche SUV

    At this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Porsche introduced the all-new Cayenne Turbo S. This is the fastest SUV that Porsche has ever created. How fast is fast? Get ready to go from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. This Cayenne can also reach a top speed of 176mph -- yeah, that’s fast! Speed isn’t the only thin…Read More

  8. Car Theft In Colorado

    Auto theft is often a crime of opportunity, as opposed to being an act carried out by a  professional crime ring. Think of young people who walk by a vehicle and see that the window is down, and the keys are in the ignition. They have no intention of keeping the car for long, they simply impulsivel…Read More

  9. Look For Good Places To Take Your Foreign Car

    One of the difficulties of owning a foreign car is the repairing of damage to the body and engine. It is very true that many different countries have very different standards for building vehicles, and that the United States is not the best at following the guidelines that a lot of the rest of the w…Read More

  10. Mr. Bean Sets The Record For World’s Most Expensive Car Repair

    Well, the next time you roll into your local auto shop for a simple repair or an oil change and wince a little bit at the cost, you might want to keep in mind that you're paying a lot less money for that repair than Mr. Bean. That's right, the British actor Rowan Atkinson, most famous for portraying…Read More