1. The New 330-HP VW Golf

    Golf owners tend to be proud of their cars, and rightly so - Golfs are fun to drive. But VW just came out with a new Golf that we’re betting you’re going to love even more than the one you have now. The new 330-HP VW Golf race car concept looks like a Golf, but has a lot more packed under the ho…Read More

  2. Consumer Report’s List of Best and Worst Cars

    Each year, Consumer Reports puts out a list of the best and worst cars. The company tests each car numerous times, and grades according to a few different criteria. Some people rely heavily on this report when it comes to buying a new car, and others take what Consumer Reports notes with a grain of …Read More

  3. Tesla Goes After a Different Market

    It may seem like an odd move for the electric car company, but Tesla is aiming for a different market with the all-new Model S. The company has recently added some upgrades to the Model S, and it’s clear that Tesla is now directing its efforts towards the luxury car market. The new upgrades includ…Read More

  4. Consumer Report’s Top Car Picks for 2015

    Every year, Consumer Reports releases its top picks for that year. The list is based on a number of criteria including reliability, safety, and performance data in addition to being tested by a team of engineers that puts each car considered through more than 50 different tests. This year, the cars …Read More

  5. Paris Car Ban: A Look Into the Future?

    Here in the US, there are many laws regulating emissions from your vehicles in order to protect the environment. Most states require your car undergo some form of emissions test every time it goes in to your Fort Collins automotive shop for an inspection. Here in Colorado, it is indeed a requirement…Read More

  6. New Porsche Models Coming Soon

    Porsche consumers have been asking the company, in roundabout ways, for more sportier options, and Porsche may have finally delivered. The company announced this morning that a new model line would be joining the Porsche family, making it the seventh model line to be part of the company. Porsche ha…Read More

  7. 2015 Cars With the Most Residual Value

    To know the real worth of a car, you have to look at the overall residual value of that car. This can be tricky to do because those values fluctuate over time. So the key is to look at the residual value of a car that hasn’t fluctuated much. This will help you determine which cars are really a goo…Read More

  8. Car and Truck Sales Climb in January

    In the U.S., all major car manufacturers saw an increase in car and truck sales -- up 13.7% from 2014. What are Americans buying, and why are car sales so high? Here’s a closer look. What’s Popular According to manufacturer reports, Americans purchased 20% more pickups and SUVs over any other ki…Read More

  9. Are You Sure You’re Buying a Foreign Car?

    If you think that you’re buying a foreign car, you may be surprised to learn that many “foreign” cars are actually made here in the US. These cars are some of the best, but it’s interesting to learn that what you think you’re buying, you’re actually not buying, right? Take a look at thes…Read More

  10. Looking to Finance Your Car? Do it Now.

    A new report in Time Magazine suggests that the best time to finance a car is right now. In the US, financing a car has never been so affordable, but that might change if you wait too long. According to the article, the cost of borrowing will skyrocket by the same time next year. The Cost of Owning …Read More

  11. Is Your Car Under Threat From Hackers?

    Gone are the days of cars with simple engines and motors. While they still exist and can be purchased used, today's new cars come complete with computers, delicate sensors, and a level of connectivity to various networks and even Wi-Fi that rivals your home. You might have learned of the complexity …Read More

  12. BMW’s Super Bowl Commercial Wins

    It’s a bit too early (a bit!) to start guessing which Super Bowl commercial will take the nation by storm, but BMW has released one commercial pre-game. The new BMW i3 commercial features Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel both in the past and in the present -- here’s a better explanation. A Famous …Read More