1. The Best Car Sweepstakes For Spring 2014

    Want to win a really really cool set of wheels? Take a break from perusing the internet for auto repair or advice on foreign car service, and enter some sweepstakes and contests to win a brand new Corvette or Camaro. How about an ATV or an airplane? Some sweepstakes are better than others, for examp…Read More

  2. Drive High In Colorado, And You Will Get A DUI

    Marijuana is now legal for both medical and recreational use in Colorado for those 21 years old and older, but driving high is not. As of January 1 in Colorado, you can use pot, but you better not drive under the influence of ganja, unless you are looking to get a DUI. The legal blood limit for acti…Read More

  3. How To Get Quick And Timely Car Repair

    GAH! The car went tink, tink, tink, creak, tink and stopped. Probably the UV joint that I had been postponing getting replaced, now I have run out of grace time. Fortunately, I broke down on a highway, and my insurance will tow the car when that happens. I already know I’m taking it to Fort Collin…Read More

  4. Car Theft In Colorado

    Auto theft is often a crime of opportunity, as opposed to being an act carried out by a  professional crime ring. Think of young people who walk by a vehicle and see that the window is down, and the keys are in the ignition. They have no intention of keeping the car for long, they simply impulsivel…Read More

  5. Your car and color psychology

    Do police really pull over red cars more often than blue vehicles? Do middle aged men prefer black sports cars over beige mini-vans? Automakers do turn to color psychology when choosing color options for their cars. Certain hues denote certain attitudes and lifestyles. Auto makers know this, yet, so…Read More

  6. Take a road trip to Colorado Ghost Towns

    Spring is here.  You just completed your car maintenance service at your local auto shop, and are ready for an interesting road trip. No more slogging through treacherous ice crusted blizzards on Mountain passes. No more sliding on black ice on your way to work. You can now drive without clutching …Read More

  7. What A DUI actually costs

    Not only does drunk driving exact a very heavy toll on traffic injury and cause a large portion of driving fatalities, it is very, very expensive. From the point of arrest, to a court hearing, a trial or a plea deal, fines, jail time, probation, mandatory counseling, and many other costs, the person…Read More

  8. Being Careful This Weekend Not To Get A DUI

    This is a very large weekend for the majority of the United States considering that the Super Bowl is going to be occurring. It’s a time of celebration when everybody comes together and competes to see which team is going to win. Regardless of teams that are playing, a lot of the population actual…Read More

  9. Why Foreign Cars Are Becoming So Popular

    Foreign cars are becoming much more popular these days since standards are becoming pretty much universal. Both foreign and domestic companies are beginning to follow all of the same rules when it comes to safety and the legislature that is involved therein. There are some ups and downs to this, but…Read More

  10. How To Keep Yourself Ahead As A Local Auto Shop

    It seems like local auto shops are becoming more and more difficult to find. Just like you find in every other industry, large conglomerates seem to be taking over. It’s becoming even more difficult to find a little mom-and-pop shop that can service everything you need while still providing you wi…Read More

  11. Keeping Your Car Healthy By Simply Listening To It

    Keeping your vehicle healthy is nowhere near as easy as people make it out to be. Cars are very finicky about what types of oil they take and the different types of repair mechanisms that are needed in order to repair them should something go wrong. It could even be said that keeping your car in goo…Read More