1. Mr. Bean Sets The Record For World’s Most Expensive Car Repair

    Well, the next time you roll into your local auto shop for a simple repair or an oil change and wince a little bit at the cost, you might want to keep in mind that you're paying a lot less money for that repair than Mr. Bean. That's right, the British actor Rowan Atkinson, most famous for portraying…Read More

  2. Toilet From Hitler’s Yacht Ends Up In New Jersey Auto Shop

    This is a strange one. It appears that a toilet from one of Hitler's most luxurious yachts now has a new home: a New Jersey auto shop. Yes, customers who stop in to Greg's Auto Repair for a car repair can also view a (disgusting) piece of history in an old toilet that the owner acquired from a frien…Read More

  3. Repair Jungle Makes It Easy To Compare Estimates

    A new startup called Repair Jungle wants to make it easy for car owners to compare car repair shops and get competing quotes for how much a particular repair will cost. The company is initially offering these services only in the Washington D.C. area, but hopes to expand if the business model proves…Read More

  4. Suspect Pleads Not Guilty In Murder Of Broomfield Auto Technician

    Lawrence Crouch, the man suspected of murdering a Broomfield, Colorado auto repair shop employee named Mary McGrath in October, pleaded not guilty to charges of murder in the first degree. Despite his plea, the arrest affidavit says that he previously admitted to law enforcement that he had, in fact…Read More

  5. Rabbits Sabotaging Cars At DIA

    This is probably one of the strangest stories that I have read in quite a while, but CBS4 Denver is reporting that travellers who are parking at the Denver International Airport are returning from their trips to find that their cars have been...eaten? Yes, it appears that is exactly what is happenin…Read More

  6. Should School Busses Be Equipped With Ignition Interlock Devices?

    Lawmakers in New York are considering mandating that Ignition Interlock Devices be installed on all school busses after two separate incidents in which bus drivers were found to be intoxicated. The most recent incident involved a bus driver who left the school with 5 child passengers on board and, m…Read More