1. Getting Your Car An Oil Change in Fort Collins

    For optimum engine health, the ideal marker for getting your oil changed is every 3,000 miles. The health of your oil is affected by many things, including heat, cold, and the hardship of driving conditions. In Fort Collins, our vehicles undergo quite the routine of temperature changes, harsh enviro…Read More

  2. When Embarrassing Driving Mistakes Become Auto Repair

    Your Fort Collins Automotive shop will do a good portion of its auto repair replacing brakes and giving vehicles tune-ups, but your auto technician will also have clients coming in because of an embarrassing driver error, such as putting a car into reverse instead of drive, and accidentally backing …Read More

  3. Severe Weather Often Leads to Fort Collins Auto Repair: Floods

    No matter what time of year it is, drivers in Fort Collins and throughout Colorado are subjected to quite a few severe and extreme weather situations. Fort Collins automotive shops can repair your car, and help you with your vehicle needs in the aftermath of weather damage, but how do you react when…Read More

  4. Summer Auto Maintenance Checklist In Fort Collins

    When the seasons change, we swap out our down coats and winter boots for shorts and sandals. Our bags will be supplemented with sunscreen and we might switch from drinking hot liquids to iced tea and fruit juices. Summer is so much fun for everyone, from our pets to our parents, it is time to get ou…Read More

  5. How To Know When You Need A Mechanic

    You probably have helped change the oil, switched out an old car battery for a new one, and changed a flat tire or three. But, when your brakes go bad, or the car heater wont work, or you hear a clunk, and the car refuses to go anymore, you not sure what to do. You may approach some of your more mec…Read More

  6. Colorado Child Car Seat Recommendations And Guidelines

    Part of any car maintenance service  is a child car seat, or safety restraint, for any little ones in your care. Your auto technician can advise you on the installation and use of car seats, however, there are numerous people in the community available to help. If you're a grandparent like me, or a…Read More

  7. How To Get Quick And Timely Car Repair

    GAH! The car went tink, tink, tink, creak, tink and stopped. Probably the UV joint that I had been postponing getting replaced, now I have run out of grace time. Fortunately, I broke down on a highway, and my insurance will tow the car when that happens. I already know I’m taking it to Fort Collin…Read More