1. Not Just Foreign Cars

    Don’t let our name fool you. Here at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service (FCFCS), we don’t just service foreign cars. We are a full-service, expertly staffed auto shop with professionally trained mechanics. At FCFCS, you can expect that your car will be in good hands, regardless of whether your car…Read More

  2. Should You Purchase Snow Tires?

    Part of your car’s tune-up process is making sure that your tires are in good condition. If your tires are worn, it is always better to replace them than to hope that they will last one more winter. When it comes time to buy tires, it can be hard to determine what kind of tires would be best to pu…Read More

  3. Signs Your Car Needs A Tune-up

    When it comes to car maintenance, it can be hard to determine if you should pay attention to every little noise that you hear and every single light that comes on. When you think something is wrong with your car, your safety is your first concern. Your second concern should be whether or not the pro…Read More

  4. Car Help 101: For Tires, Age Is Just As Important As Wear

    Just about everyone knows that your tires need a good amount of tread on them in order to remain functional and useful on your car, but did you also know that tires can become bad and unsafe simply by virtue of their age, and even if you haven’t used them much at all. In this installment of Car He…Read More

  5. Maximize Your Gas Mileage By Paying Attention To Your Tires

    These days, maximizing your gas mileage is very important. Gas is steadily getting more expensive and most drivers are increasingly cost-conscious, especially with regard to unnecessary expenses like the increased cost-of-ownership that comes with owning a ‘gas guzzler’. There’s a reason you d…Read More

  6. Driverless Car Technology May Be Delayed By Safety Concerns

    If you haven’t already heard, Google (and a few lesser known companies) are developing technology to allow cars to drive themselves with cameras and a variety of other sensors mounted on the vehicles. In fact, this technology is almost ready for prime time. Google has already demonstrated the tech…Read More

  7. How To Save Money On Auto Repairs

    We all dread to have to shell out a few hundred dollars for an auto repair, but the fact is that it’s either that or take the bus, right? Well, it’s certainly true that any car or vehicle that you own is likely to require an auto repair at some point in its life, there are a few things that you …Read More

  8. The Psychology Of A Procrastinator

    What is it that goes through the mind of a procrastinator when they are deciding to put off something that needs to be done? Why is it that so many of us procrastinate at one time or another, even when the consequences can become severe in many instances? For those of us, who have fallen victim to t…Read More

  9. How Ignition Interlock Systems Can Save Lives

    You may have heard the term ‘ignition interlock’ but not have been entirely clear on what an interlock system is or what it does. Today, we’re going to look at what an ignition interlock system’s purpose is and how it can actually help to save lives by protecting people on the road from one …Read More