1. Keep Your Car Running Longer

    Your car is probably one of the biggest investments you’ve made. It makes sense that you would want to see your investment last, even though the average driver only keeps their car for an average of six years. If your car is properly cared for and has the required tune-ups, you could get many more…Read More

  2. Take A Drive On Colorado’s Scenic And Historic Byways

    Ever see the sign off the side of the road of a pale blue Columbine with the words, “Scenic Byway?”  You have entered one of Colorado’s many spectacular roads designated as a scenic or historic road by CDOT. Colorado boasts 25 of these, with 11 of them designated nationally by the U.S. Secret…Read More

  3. Colorado Child Car Seat Recommendations And Guidelines

    Part of any car maintenance service  is a child car seat, or safety restraint, for any little ones in your care. Your auto technician can advise you on the installation and use of car seats, however, there are numerous people in the community available to help. If you're a grandparent like me, or a…Read More

  4. Car Safety Applications For Your Phone

    Need an app to remind you when it’s time for a car maintenance service? How about one for repair advice? If you want your phone to be part of your car care arsenal, there are numerous apps for your phone that can be utilized. In checking out different apps that aid with car repair, I found quite a…Read More

  5. A Guide To Regular Maintenance

    Around here we often sound like a record telling all of you to make sure that you get that regular maintenance done on your car. But, hey there’s a reason why we are so insistent. It’s consistently proven that cars which have a car maintenance service that takes care of all these things (or some…Read More

  6. How To Keep Your Car Running Past 100K

    These days it’s not uncommon for a well-maintained vehicle to eclipse the 100,000 mile mark and even go beyond. But, the key to that longevity remains the same: diligent attention to the needs of your vehicle and keeping your car maintained with a regular car maintenance service. Since the best wa…Read More

  7. Make Sure Your Car Is Ready For Your Summer Road Trip

    Well, it looks like the weather here in northern Colorado is just going to skip spring altogether and push us right into the summer time. This week is supposed to be high 80’s and low 90’s and next week might not be much cooler, either. So, in the spirit of summer which seems to come earlier and…Read More

  8. Car Help 101: How To Save Money On Gas By Using Less Of It

    If you are like the millions of other Americans who rely on their cars to get them to work/school, to run errands and to generally transport them where they need to go, you realize just how much gas can cost you when you use your car for pretty much everything. Whether you have a domestic vehicle or…Read More

  9. Car Help 101: Your Pre-Summer Maintenance Check

    This summer, make sure that your vehicle is ready to take on the heat and all of the extra stress that comes with it by taking a few simple steps to ensure that your engine and the rest of the components on your vehicle are all up to snuff. There are a few components that you should always check whe…Read More

  10. Spring Car Maintenance: What Should You Check?

    Spring is almost here, which means that it is finally warm enough to spend time outside without freezing to death or being bundled up like a grizzly bear. Yeah, we know, the winter was actually pretty mild, but still. So, now that it’s warming up it is a good time to make sure that your car is cau…Read More

  11. Top 5 Car Maintenance Mistakes

    While taking care of your car is unquestionably important to make sure that it lasts for a long time, there are a number of pitfalls that people fall into when taking care of their cars. It may be neglecting one area over another, or perhaps even performing regular car maintenance service incorrectl…Read More