1. Hail, Wind, Lightning And Other Spring Weather Damage To Your Car

    We love Spring, when the snow melts, trees bud with the promise of aromatic and resplendent foliage, and we can say goodbye to tough Winter driving.  Yes, the snow pack and ice, the blizzards and freezing cold are on their way out, and fresher, warmer days are on their way  in. The problem is, tho…Read More

  2. Can You Use The Internet To Maintain And Repair Your Car?

    When something goes wrong with your car, it is problematic, irritating and a little frightening. We tend to wait when a problem appears, hoping it will resolve itself or go away. If the car still runs, and we don’t have to tow it to our local car repair shop, we tend to want to try it fix the prob…Read More

  3. Best Car To Use For The Zombie Apocalypse

    Tired of wearing out your shoes walking along the highway in search of candy bars and a good book? All those vehicles are pretty much there for the taking. Instead of scrounging through them in search of goodies, why not just get behind the wheel of that Honda Accord and give your tired toes a rest?…Read More

  4. When Did Honda Become “The” Cool Foreign Car?

    Way back in the day, a friend of mine developed a fetish for Alfa-Romeo cars. Very cool masculine machines, he acquired 2 or 3 of them, with the intent to repair and maintain a collection of these Italian beauties.  For the next year, I waited. When I went by from time to time to see if I could tak…Read More

  5. Tips For Safe Mountain Driving In The Spring

    Finally, Spring! What a great time to drive up to Cameron Pass, or trek down to the sand dunes. For those of us who live year round at the higher elevations, it is with a smile that we head down to the front range to visit friends and take in some shopping. No matter if you're planning to drive up o…Read More

  6. It’s Ok If You Don’t Know How To Repair Your Own Car

    When I was 4 years old, I found a spare key to my mother’s old Rambler. I thought,”Wow, I think I will go drive the car!” I crept outside in the bright summer sun and got behind the wheel. I put the key in the ignition, nothing happened. I patted the dash, and tried to push the key into its sl…Read More

  7. My Car Smells Bad And Smokes, What Should I Do?

    When you get a fever, start coughing, and have no energy, you know you have a cold. But when your car starts smelling funny, making odd noises, and leaving puddles behind, you can’t just give it aspirin and let it lay around on the couch watching Star Trek until it feels better. How do you gauge y…Read More

  8. Your car and color psychology

    Do police really pull over red cars more often than blue vehicles? Do middle aged men prefer black sports cars over beige mini-vans? Automakers do turn to color psychology when choosing color options for their cars. Certain hues denote certain attitudes and lifestyles. Auto makers know this, yet, so…Read More

  9. Take a road trip to Colorado Ghost Towns

    Spring is here.  You just completed your car maintenance service at your local auto shop, and are ready for an interesting road trip. No more slogging through treacherous ice crusted blizzards on Mountain passes. No more sliding on black ice on your way to work. You can now drive without clutching …Read More

  10. Add a car check up to your Spring Cleaning

    The air begins to carry an aroma of green things budding to life. You think about what to put in your garden this year, and transplanting overgrown house plants to larger pots with some fresh soil.  You are going to clean out the garage and pack up winter quilts and snow boots. While the warmer tem…Read More

  11. What’s new in computerized gadgets for your car

    You love your car. It is sleek, fine and powerful. Driving to work feels good. Taking a run up to the mountains is pure joy. You are having so much fun commuting and cruising, you wonder what could possibly make it better. Enter gadgets. Not the kind you rely on for driving for functionality, like g…Read More