1. Aston Martin Has a New Supercar

    Aston Martin has been wanting to break into the supercar market for some time. Now, the company has created a new supercar that will be track-only, and they’re calling it the ‘Vulcan.’ The car is priced at $2.3 million, base, and it comes with more than 800 hp. Aston Martin is only going to ma…Read More

  2. Car and Truck Sales Climb in January

    In the U.S., all major car manufacturers saw an increase in car and truck sales -- up 13.7% from 2014. What are Americans buying, and why are car sales so high? Here’s a closer look. What’s Popular According to manufacturer reports, Americans purchased 20% more pickups and SUVs over any other ki…Read More

  3. Looking to Finance Your Car? Do it Now.

    A new report in Time Magazine suggests that the best time to finance a car is right now. In the US, financing a car has never been so affordable, but that might change if you wait too long. According to the article, the cost of borrowing will skyrocket by the same time next year. The Cost of Owning …Read More

  4. Is Your Car Under Threat From Hackers?

    Gone are the days of cars with simple engines and motors. While they still exist and can be purchased used, today's new cars come complete with computers, delicate sensors, and a level of connectivity to various networks and even Wi-Fi that rivals your home. You might have learned of the complexity …Read More

  5. Toyota Is Officially the Most Popular Car Company in the World

    You may think that this title belongs to Mazda, since there are so many of those cars on the road lately, but, no, once again, Toyota has claimed the prize for the most popular car company in the world. In fact, Toyota has been the most popular car company in the world for the past three years. What…Read More

  6. Quick Child Safety Car Tips

    Have you ever noticed how many “Baby On Board!” stickers there are on cars these days? That’s largely because parents often worry about road safety when transporting a child of any age. It’s one thing to drive yourself around, but it’s another thing to make sure that any child you are driv…Read More

  7. Avoid Auto Repair In Fort Collins By Changing Your Line Of Vision

    We get stuck in our habits, and this applies to how we drive our cars as well as what we prefer for lunch and what TV shows we find most engaging. When it comes to driving, unlike  which sub shop has the best tuna on rye, or what program will entertain us the most when we sit down and relax to watc…Read More