1. Tire Rotations For Safety

    Oftentimes, people easily forget about getting their tires rotated. While it can be difficult to remember minor details, it’s important to think about tire rotations as a major issue that deserves attention. It’s also important to understand the timing, the reasons for needing tire rotations. Fo…Read More

  2. Common Misconceptions About Auto Repair

    Most people try, but as much as you’d like to avoid it, some things just can’t be fixed without taking your car to an auto mechanic. There are some misconceptions surrounding auto repair, but the professionals here at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service want to help clear up some common misconcepti…Read More

  3. Not Just Foreign Cars

    Don’t let our name fool you. Here at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service (FCFCS), we don’t just service foreign cars. We are a full-service, expertly staffed auto shop with professionally trained mechanics. At FCFCS, you can expect that your car will be in good hands, regardless of whether your car…Read More

  4. How To Improve Your Car’s Fuel Economy

    Most people think that the make of their car is the determining factor when it comes to how many miles their car will get per gallon. While the style of your car does play a factor in how your car performs when it comes to gas mileage, there are a few things you can do to improve your car’s fuel e…Read More

  5. Keep Your Car Running Longer

    Your car is probably one of the biggest investments you’ve made. It makes sense that you would want to see your investment last, even though the average driver only keeps their car for an average of six years. If your car is properly cared for and has the required tune-ups, you could get many more…Read More

  6. Signs Your Car Needs A Tune-up Part 2

    In our last blog, we discussed tips to determine if your car needs to be taken to the auto mechanic. Today, we will continue with our list of things you need to be on the look-out for to better understand when your car is in need of a tune-up.   If you aren’t already keeping track of how many mil…Read More

  7. Signs Your Car Needs A Tune-up

    When it comes to car maintenance, it can be hard to determine if you should pay attention to every little noise that you hear and every single light that comes on. When you think something is wrong with your car, your safety is your first concern. Your second concern should be whether or not the pro…Read More

  8. Military History Of Invention And The Jeep

    Military adaptations to changing needs in theaters of war have led to numerous  items that were so well made and useful (or just cool) that those items, which often began their life in the civilian world, crossed back to civilian again.  For example, in 1942, folks in the US military invented duct…Read More

  9. The Best Car Sweepstakes For Spring 2014

    Want to win a really really cool set of wheels? Take a break from perusing the internet for auto repair or advice on foreign car service, and enter some sweepstakes and contests to win a brand new Corvette or Camaro. How about an ATV or an airplane? Some sweepstakes are better than others, for examp…Read More

  10. Tesla Model S Catches Fire Near Seattle

    The electric car maker Tesla Motors has seen significant recent financial success with its stock prices rising over 400% in the last year since a highly-publicized IPO. However, a recent incident with one of the carmakers most popular models, the Tesla Model S, has proven to be sobering to investors…Read More

  11. October Is Fall Car Care Month

    This October is Fall Car Care Month as the non-profit organization, Car Care Council reminds us. As your auto repair experts at your local auto shop, we’d like to remind you that we are here to provide you information and educational tips that can help you better understand your car and save you m…Read More

  12. Window Cracked? Come See Us At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service

    At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service we do all kinds of repairs, including fixing cracked windows. In fact, we provide the service of replacing or repairing cracked windshields in addition to offering our normal full service auto repair suite. If your window has been cracked and is in need of repair …Read More