1. Should You Purchase Snow Tires?

    Part of your car’s tune-up process is making sure that your tires are in good condition. If your tires are worn, it is always better to replace them than to hope that they will last one more winter. When it comes time to buy tires, it can be hard to determine what kind of tires would be best to pu…Read More

  2. New Porsche Models Coming Soon

    Porsche consumers have been asking the company, in roundabout ways, for more sportier options, and Porsche may have finally delivered. The company announced this morning that a new model line would be joining the Porsche family, making it the seventh model line to be part of the company. Porsche ha…Read More

  3. Looking to Finance Your Car? Do it Now.

    A new report in Time Magazine suggests that the best time to finance a car is right now. In the US, financing a car has never been so affordable, but that might change if you wait too long. According to the article, the cost of borrowing will skyrocket by the same time next year. The Cost of Owning …Read More

  4. BMW’s Super Bowl Commercial Wins

    It’s a bit too early (a bit!) to start guessing which Super Bowl commercial will take the nation by storm, but BMW has released one commercial pre-game. The new BMW i3 commercial features Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel both in the past and in the present -- here’s a better explanation. A Famous …Read More

  5. Exterior Car Care Guide

    Your auto technician in Fort Collins will take very good care of your maintenance and repair needs when it comes to your vehicle. This includes any mechanical issues, body damage, and quality routine care like an oil change or battery check. One item you, as the car owner, can easily address yoursel…Read More

  6. Cold Weather Car Maintenance

    It can seem like our cars give us more trouble in the winter than other times of the year. They're not falling apart, trust us, they're just cold! We need extra clothing, home heating and several pairs of warm socks and a good coat to get ourselves through cold temperatures. Our bodies haven't chang…Read More

  7. When To Replace Or Trade In Your Car

    Most classic cars are generally always worth repairing. They are rare, and they retain their value. Then there is the whole selection of collector cars, something I'm sure most of us don’t have an abundance of. But if you do collect cars for pleasure, investing or rehab, this article is probably n…Read More

  8. Summer Auto Maintenance Checklist In Fort Collins

    When the seasons change, we swap out our down coats and winter boots for shorts and sandals. Our bags will be supplemented with sunscreen and we might switch from drinking hot liquids to iced tea and fruit juices. Summer is so much fun for everyone, from our pets to our parents, it is time to get ou…Read More

  9. How To Take An Awesome Car Camping Trip

    So, you don’t have an RV, a fifth wheel, or a motorhome. That's fine, neither do many of us. our That’s when a car camping trip comes in. Nature will call you to go out and get to know her a little better no matter what kind of vehicle you have, even if it’s a little old Honda or A sleek Jagua…Read More

  10. Take A Drive On Colorado’s Scenic And Historic Byways

    Ever see the sign off the side of the road of a pale blue Columbine with the words, “Scenic Byway?”  You have entered one of Colorado’s many spectacular roads designated as a scenic or historic road by CDOT. Colorado boasts 25 of these, with 11 of them designated nationally by the U.S. Secret…Read More